The next Jehucal release is now ready and it provides the perfect combination of luxury fabrics and functionality.

The Mohair drop, as expected, sees the introduction of the Jehucal Clockwork Mohair cardigan, Clockwork Cargo Trousers, a Mechanics shirt and more.

Mark your calendars for Friday, May 26th, when the collection will be available online.

Subscribers will enjoy exclusive early access at 7pm.

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The Jehucal Mirrors bag family are welcoming a new member, the Mirrors Crossbody bag.

The Mirrors Crossbody bag was first sampled in Summer 2022 and has since undergone extensive development to bring it to our high standards.

Featuring 5 internal card holder slots, 2 zip compartments and detachable crossbody strap this is the perfect bag to carry daily.

The Mirrors Crossbody bag will be available online Friday 12th May at 7pm London time for subscribers.

IF there is any stock left, the store will be opened to all at 8pm London time with the remaining stock.

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We have loved seeing all the messages and emails from customers complimenting the improvement in quality of Jehucal garments.

This is not to say that our previous garments were of a low quality, but there is always room to improve and that is exactly what we've done.

Since September 2022 we've been working on moving our production to new suppliers. They've been providing a higher quality & more efficient service since.

This is the new standard and going forward we have decided to discontinue all Jehucal products made before September 2022.

We're not going to do Burberry in 2018 and burn the clothes, instead they are now available online at a reduced price until stock sells out.

Once they're gone, they're gone forever so hit the link below to get some classic pieces.



The second drop from Jehucal's Spring/Summer collection is here and it includes the highly anticipated Clockwork Knitted Jumper.

A Timeless piece to hand down and be enjoyed for generations to come.

The Clockwork Knit will be available online Friday 7th April at 7pm London time but only for a limited time.

The amount of time it will be available for will be decided by followers of Jehucal's social media pages.

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The Jehucal Spring/Summer 2023 collection is here.

The first release from the collection includes quarter zips and sweatshorts made from organic cotton as well as 5 new graphic tees and more.

Subscribers will have early access at 7pm London time Thursday 23rd March.

To see more images from the lookbook, hit the link below.