2021 was the biggest year of sales for Jehucal, with more than double the sales of 2020. We are extremely grateful for the support shown. As a result of the growth, stock sold out a lot faster and we received daily emails, dm’s etc. requesting restocks. We attempted to find a balance by creating a pre-order option.


This initially worked quite well, but we soon found ourselves victim of unexpected situations that caused significant delays to the process.

The production process:

  1. We collect the orders
  2. We total up the orders and calculate how much fabric we need to order from our fabric suppliers
  3. We order the fabrics to be shipped to our production factory in Birmingham
  4. The production factory in Birmingham produces the garments in approximately 5-7 weeks.
  5. They then ship the garments down to us in London which is delivered in about 2 working days.
  6. We then ship the orders out.

The issues:

  1. As the number of pre-orders increased, we were hit with unexpected delays in the delivery of fabrics as our fabric supplier ran out and couldn’t keep up with the demand.
  2. This then had a knock-on effect on our production timeline. Our production factory would have to reschedule our production alongside other work they already had booked in. So although the fabric may only arrive a week late for example, production could be delayed by a further 2 weeks as we wait for a slot to start our production.

This was a huge issue we were faced with at the end of November. In addition to this there was the Omicron breakout in December, and our factories took the responsible decision to halt production until there was more clarity on the variant.

The impact of these delays meant our customers who have trusted us to deliver on time have been left disappointed. For this we can only apologise and offer full transparency on the situation as this is not our normal practice at all. We wanted to do our best to ensure everyone can get some Jehucal in their wardrobe but unfortunately this method will not be feasible.

Based on this, we have taken the decision to stop doing pre-orders after the current set of production until we are able to develop a more reliable and efficient system.

This means that for all future drops only stock that is ready to be shipped immediately will be available online. Stock will consequently become much more limited, so you really will have to be ready for drops at 6pm on the dot, but this will mean we’re able to stick to our policy of shipping within 3 working days.