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JEHU-CAL Liquid Deflector (An umbrella)

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This umbrella showcases our signature Jehucal Mirrors print on the exterior and the Jehucal smilely face on the interior.

When the samples for the umbrellas first came in I sat in my bedroom and waited until it rained so I could leave my house and walk around with this umbrella. Halfway through my walk, I realised I actually have no mates.

  • Automatic umbrella with spring release so all you need to do is press a button and boom, you are protected from the rain my friend

  • Comes with a case for you to keep the umbrella in when it gets wet

  • I think this is the coolest product we’ve released yet

  • Rubber handle with metal detailing


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You may have noticed the price of some Jehucal items have increased slightly in 2022. This was a calculated decision based on the growth of Jehucal and the business needs.

After a successful 2021, Jehucal has now grown from a team of 1 to 4, a small office to a large one and quick lookbook photoshoots in the local park to a team of paid photographers, videographers, models etc.

The increase in price enables us to:

  • Pay all staff a fair salary for the great work they do
  • Invest in and pay quality photographers & videographers for their time and skill
  • Continue to produce the high quality of clothing you’ve become used to as well as invest in more innovative fabrics, designs and production processes that will continue to drive Jehucal forward.

Ultimately it allows Jehucal to avoid cutting corners in ways that would be very unethical such as seeking cheap labor internationally, using cheap materials etc.

We want to ensure you continue to get more for your money so we are also doubling the number of Cal-points you’ll receive per order.